a place to work & stay, learn & play
with our members at our collaborative hub in Lajpat Nagar



Our house is members-only except for community events and meetups that we hold. We recommend coming to one of our events to meet us and introduce yourself if you wish to join us as a member. You can find us in GK 1, near Nehru Place.

We regret that we cannot provide space for private events or for which a fee is charged, such as for training. We can however accommodate small community events such as introductions to offerings that may be of interest to our members, discussion groups, hackathons, etc.


Please email us on delhi.hosts@moonlighting.in and one of our hosting team will get back to you. In case of urgency you may however contact Yatin on +919899916662, or one of our other hosts (sign-in may be required for complete details).

Accommodation and operations enquiries can be directed to delhi.directors@moonlighting.in, and housekeeping instructions or queries to delhi.house@moonlighting.in.


The Moonlighting Delhi house is operated as a non-commercial cooperative undertaking, funded and managed by its participants (members and sponsors). This enables our member costs to be significantly lower than an equivalent commercial service, and above all, fair.

Our goal is to bring together a diverse community, contributing towards building this model that replicates the ideas, implementations, and applications—for similar communities around the world.

Our binding purpose is to bring together the two disparate social networks of local and remote, whilst providing for the two distinct needs of space to work, and space to stay. The meeting of these at common points may provide its participants with opportunities, to share knowledge and collaborate on projects, irrespective of discipline. Not to mention have some fun!

Our model is primarily that of an open-house 'startup mansion' (e.g. Reaktor in Warsaw, Blackbox in Silicon Valley, The Glint in San Francisco) and draws inspiration from intentional communities and professional networks such as The Hub, The Business Class, and Hub Culture; ad-hoc community spaces such as the Hacker Dojo and Jaaga; along with an increasing number of other smaller members clubs, interest-based workshops, coworking spaces, and hackerspaces around the world. All of which are aligned in some manner to the common support of open-source, social causes and sustainability.

Find out more about the profiles and intentions of our members:


Moonlighting Delhi came into being, as an experimental space, upon our founder signing a lease on the 1st of January 2011, with some adventurous residents moving into unfinished (and unfurnished!) rooms that same day. Informal drop-in coworking commenced in March, and hotdesking from April. As of December 2011, our founder extended backing to keep the house going, with a new director taking the helm to establish future service-levels with a view towards moving away from the space's initial experimental label.

The initial investment has established the space with basic facilities, whilst surplus budget in future will be reinvested into improving the space, and the growth of our goals. To promote transparency our operations model and accounts are public.



Founding Q4 '10

Establishment Q1–Q4 '11

Operation Q1 '12–ongoing